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ORIGINAL RESEARCH PAPER - onlinelibrary.wiley.com formal carers if they agreed to being contacted by research staff on the ward or by phone, if at home, to explain the trial and make a time to meet. Clinical staff and managers were also invited (by email) to contact the researchers if they were interested in participating in staff focus groups. As only those who showed

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RUBRIC for ORIGINAL RESEARCH PROJECT Criteria Expert Proficient Apprentice Novice Introduction [Introductory paragraph(s), literature review, hypotheses or propositions] Clearly identifies and discusses research focus/purpose of research Research focus is clearly grounded in previous research/theoretically relevant literature

Original Research - Dr. Phil Maffetone This article brings together the combined perspectives of a sports clinician (PM) and a professor of sociology (RS), both of whom have shared the observation ... How to write and publish an original research article - ScienceDirect

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If you are a medical university student, the following article can come in handy. Feel free to use it to your advantage when looking for paper topics. A List Of Original Research Paper Topics On Abortion You should always try to deal sensitively and impartially to subjects such as this when writing your research paper. I frequently get asked about the best topics to explore for an essay on abortion.

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Original Research Paper Dr. V. Sornaganesh Assistant Professor, V. O. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin-8, Tamilnadu Commerce Non-banking nance companies (NBFCs) form an integral part of the Indian nancial system. In India, NBFC sector has undergone a notable transformation over the past few years and has shown consistent on year-on-year growth Where to Find Credible Sources for Your Research Paper ...